How to Get First 5000 YouTube Subscribers

To start this income-generating machine, though, you do need to meet certain standards. YouTube dictates that your channel has to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time before you can get monetized.

get YouTube subscribers

These requirements are fair enough. YouTube needs to make sure you have sufficient viewers so that their advertisers’ paid commercials are sure to get high amounts of exposure.

So, a thousand followers is essential in starting your YouTube journey. Let’s say you already have that. Then all of them watched your only video upload that’s about 10 minutes long. That’s just a total of 166 hours of watch time, though. You can’t even guarantee that they will watch your video again. It sure is a long, long way from fulfilling your 4,000-hour prerequisite.

To get the watch time needed, you’ll need to have 240,000 minutes of playback. So, if your video is 10 minutes long, with no replays, you must have at least a whopping 24,000 viewers. The people you’ve met all through your life won’t even reach this figure. You’ll need views from strangers all over the internet.

It’s probably putting you under a lot of pressure to hit the requirements. Fret no longer. Here is a simple list of steps you can do to get YouTube subscribers fast:

  1. Create a great profile and channel trailer
  2. Post quality content
  3. Engage with your audience
  4. Use tags and keywords
  5. Make attention-grabbing thumbnails
  6. Compile playlists
  7. Be consistent
  8. Promote your channel on other platforms
  9. Collaborate with influencers
  10. Host giveaways
  11. Monitor YouTube Analytics
  12. Hire a reliable service

Is Buying Subscribers Worth It?

Getting people to subscribe to your channel is a real challenge when you’re just starting. You might even be tempted to avail yourself of those services that give you instant followers.

DON’T. Just don’t.

There are a lot of services online that offer you a fixed number of subscribers for a certain price. They will charge you around $30 to $50 for 1,000 subscribers.

Don’t be fooled though. The subscribers you are going to get are usually made up of bots and fake accounts.

Yes, the digits are there on your page. But, it does absolutely nothing to help you get the much-needed views and interactions from people. Bots won’t watch your videos. You will be nowhere near the 4,000-hour view time.

These services will also offer you the views you need. For about $20, you can expect to have 1,000 hours of watch time. You can just opt for this easy route and just shell out $80 to fulfill the initial requirement. But after that, you’ll need to continuously pay to get constant views, which is not sustainable.

It might be easy to buy YouTube subscribers and views, but you’ll also find yourself quickly out of the platform. You’ll be putting your account in danger of being shut down. That’s because how these services operate goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service. This is certainly not the way to grow your YouTube presence 

So, why go through all that risk? You will just be wasting money – Money that you could have just invested in getting quality equipment for making your YouTube videos 

Instead, focus on creating marketing strategies that work. It will take you closer to getting those million subscribers.

Read on to see the list of methods you can adapt to grow your channel organically.

12 Tips to on How to Get Your First 5000 YouTube Subscribers

So, you’ve uploaded your first ever video. Now, you just cross your fingers that it will garner views and likes. The waiting is long and intense. But it doesn’t have to be this arduous.

You can be proactive and make sure that your videos are getting the spotlight they deserve. Here’s a list of sure-fire ways you can get your first 5,000 subscribers.

1. Create a great profile and channel trailer

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers

This is the first thing people see when they land on your channel. Create a short but interesting video trailer. Also, make sure that you fill out the About section on your profile.

In the trailer and description, explain your niche or product so the viewers will know what to expect on your channel.

Inject it with character so your channel will stand out. Viewers are more engaged with channels that feel real and unique.

| Recommendation: Use this guide to create your YouTube channel trailer.

2. Post quality content

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 2

This is the substance of your channel. You have to make sure that it will keep your viewers interested and waiting for more of your videos. Here are some guidelines to produce valuable content:

  • Choose a topic that is relevant – Check out the keywords that show up in searches. These are the topics that people are looking up; it’s what they want to see. Come up with videos related to that, and you’re sure to get a lot of organic views.
  • Use good quality video recorder and microphone – Easily create visually appealing shots with a high-definition camera. Even amateur framing will look awesome with a great camera. Paired with a good mic, your videos will look as though a professional shot it. People will certainly appreciate your well-made videos.
  • Take good camera shots You don’t have to be a pro to make your videos look incredible. You can simply apply camera positioning and angles that are used by experts. Try using the rule of thirds when framing your subject.

| Pro Tip: Avoid getting reported for inappropriate content on YouTube

3. Engage with your audience

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 3

When recording your videos, keep in mind that you have an audience. A lot of successful YouTubers speak as if they are talking to the people watching them.

Addressing the audience directly instantly involves the viewers. An involved viewer will spend more time listening to what you have to say.

Once you have their attention, you can ask them to support your channel. A simple line that streamers commonly use is this:

“If you liked this video, please like and hit the subscribe button.”

Another way to interact with your audience is to ask for their opinion, have them write it in the comments section. Then don’t forget to acknowledge them and respond. It will make them feel valued. And that is how you get loyal followers.

You can also ask what the viewers would like to see in your next video. Getting ideas from them saves you time researching and thinking of new topics. Listening to what they say also ensures that what you will be doing next is what they want to see. Constant viewership is gold.

4. Use tags and keywords

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 4

Before uploading your videos, make sure that it is optimized for better visibility across the internet.

  • Choose video titles that have relevant keywords. Avoid being spammy.
  • Use tags that are relevant to your topic.
  • Fill your description with well-chosen keywords that people are looking for. 

Top keyword searches that people do: Do it yourself vids, tutorials, product reviews, and life hacks.

| Pro Tip: Use search engine optimization skills to optimize your videos.

5. Make attention-grabbing thumbnails

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 5

Thumbnails of videos are the only thing that people see on their YouTube feed. Don’t let your video be lost in this sea of images. Create one that will catch their attention and make them click.

Here’s a formula you can follow:

  • Use a high-quality image
  • Follow this setting: 1280 x 720 pixels (minimum width 640 pixels)
  • Include a title text that will make your viewers curious
  • Employ contrasting colors to make it pop out
  • Follow the aspect ratio of 16:19
  • Make sure it doesn’t exceed the 2MB size limit

6. Compile playlists

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 6

Create a playlist of your videos that are related. This makes it easier for people who are looking for specific topics.

Another benefit of having a playlist is that you can hook people with more content.

After the video they wanted to watch is finished, the playlist will autoplay the next video. The viewers might not be initially interested in the next one, but once it plays and they see another good content from you, they might finish watching it, too; and then the next one, too.

7. Be consistent

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers

Consistency is also a big factor that will keep your audience coming back again and again. Religiously upload content. As little as one video per week is enough.

Make sure that you stick with your topic or niche. Viewers visit your channel to find stuff on a specific subject. That’s the reason they subscribe to your channel.

8. Promote your channel on other platforms

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 7

The internet is at your disposal. Use it to promote your YouTube channel. Share the link on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you already have a website with its own following, create blog posts there that will redirect your existing followers, so they can subscribe to your YouTube channel as well.

You can also post in forums like Reddit where your niche might be relevant.

Getting your link out there is bound to get you more subscribers.

9. Collaborate with influencers

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 8

When you start out, nobody knows you yet. To get over this hurdle, you can use other people who are already popular as leverage.

Invite other YouTube creators to make a collaboration video. Ask influencers or celebrities for an interview. 

Having them in your videos will draw their followers to watch your content.

You can then ask the viewers to subscribe if they liked what you did – converting their followers into your own.

10. Host giveaways

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 9

People love receiving free stuff. Entice them with an easy way to win.

With a call to action for them to comment, like, and subscribe to your channel, they get a chance to win freebies – that simple.

Watch as the number of your channel subscribers skyrocket.

11. Monitor YouTube Analytics

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 10

YouTube offers free analytics for your channel. See the demographics of the people who watch your videos, what other videos they watched, what days you usually get video engagements and more.

Study the data provided and adjust your strategies accordingly.

12. Hire a reliable service

How to Get Your First YouTube Subscribers 11

Give yourself a head start by using a service that helps you get real subscribers. Make sure that their methods meet YouTube’s ToS so you won’t get into trouble.


The growth of your YouTube channel is highly dependent on the number of your followers. Don’t be complacent in building your success. Try these tips to help get you those first 5,000 YouTube subscribers organically.

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