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As the second-largest search engine globally, YouTube poses an excellent opportunity for people to be seen and heard. Gaining new subscribers and an audience that will love your videos takes time and research. Having the correct information on how to grow a YouTube channel is essential, and we’re here to deliver the proper practices and strategies.

If you’re not really sure what the benefits are of having a YouTube channel, and you fear that the market might be oversaturated, leave it to this article to convince you otherwise. 2021 is a great year to dive into videos and YouTube, and below you’ll find out more about the benefits of this platform.

If you own a business and want to market on YouTube, we’re here to help with that too. Since it all revolves around more subscribers and higher engagement, it’s time that you learn how to attract more people to your channel.

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4 Major Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel in 2022

Is it too late to start a YouTube channel? No, not at all. YouTube is still one of the top three most popular social media platforms in the world. Here are some of the significant benefits you can enjoy after starting a YouTube channel.

1. You Can Monetize It

Some people earn for life by creating videos on this platform. One of the biggest benefits of having a YouTube channel is that you can monetize it while having fun and expressing your creativity.

2. Video Content Is Popular

Creating videos is trending across all social networks right now. If you want to be on-trend, capture the audience and create a community, YouTube is your best guess. A recent study revealed that video users enjoy higher web traffic (41%) compared to users who don’t create video content.

3. It’s Free and Easy to Use

Making money on a free platform doesn’t sound bad, right? Creating a YouTube account won’t cost you anything, but it can help you earn quite a lot. Another major plus is that it’s very straightforward to use.

4. Help You Generate Traffic

Thanks to the massive number of YouTube users, this social platform will help you reach a broad audience and generate more traffic. Working on several media platforms simultaneously increases your chances of getting more engagement and driving traffic from YouTube to your website and the other way around.

Why Market on YouTube?

Many people find it strange when they see that YouTube should be an inseparable part of their business’ marketing strategy. No matter the size or location of your business, this is one of the best platforms to use for advertising, and here’s why:

It’s Everywhere

No matter what your target audience is, they definitely use YouTube. As we mentioned, this platform is free, simple to use, has billions of users from all around the world, and is available on a mobile phone, desktop, and any device you can think of. The exposure that you can have just by uploading videos is crazy. YouTube is a must-have part of every quality marketing strategy.

It Can Improve Your Rankings

YouTube is a Google-owned company, so creating and uploading videos on this platform can boost your rankings. Before you start filming, ensure to do the proper SEO research and follow the latest trends.

YouTube’s content is no different from the written content. When you use the right keywords, descriptions, and video titles, your rankings will go up.

Increase Your Sales

YouTube has an incredible advertising potential. If you learn how to promote your YouTube channel properly, you’ll notice increased sales. People who use this platform for business purposes focus on helpful content in their niche to attract a broad audience and potentially influence their buying decision. In other words, when more people see your product or service, more people will decide to buy.

6 Tips on How to Make Your Youtube Channel Grow

Building an audience is a long process that takes commitment. As long as you know the right tips and tricks, you will expand and create a community. Below you’ll find some of the best tips know how to grow your new youtube channel:

1. Create Playlists

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Creating a video playlist will keep your content more organized and your viewers happy. It only takes seconds, but many users forget that it can help them gain YouTube subscribers and boost their engagement.

The more videos you create without grouping them in playlists, the harder it will be for people to find what they need on your channel. Once you start making playlists, you’ll see an increase in views on many of your older videos. This is a feature that helps you collect the content into categories. It will be much easier for YouTube to show your content to people searching in that specific category. 

All successful YouTube channels have playlists that capture the attention of users for a much longer time. The goal is to stimulate your subscribers and viewers to watch more of your videos instead of just one. One-time users are not as beneficial as people who will get hooked and watch numerous videos. So, your goal is to keep them engaged by recommending more potential content.

2. Ask for Help

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel 2

Asking for help from professionals is one of the smartest things you can do when you want to grow your channel. Not everyone is a social media specialist, and things can get quite challenging even if you do your best to learn.

Thankfully, our dedicated TubeKarma team will focus on providing you organic subscribers that will engage, like, comment on your content, and genuinely love what you post. Our goal is to get familiar with your target audience, get in touch with the right people, and deliver a dedicated following.

Our research is supported by the Mother/Child method and AI technology. Using these techniques, we focus on the right demographics, people who will watch your videos and become a part of your community.

3. Promote!

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel 3

Promotion is vital when you want to grow, whether it’s business-related or a personal channel. There are numerous ways to advertise your content; all you need to do is take your time to research them. Here are some of the best promotion methods.

Other Social Media Channels

Remember to cross-promote! Linking your other social media profiles, such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, will do your channel so much good.

How you’ll promote depends on the social media platform. For example, you can add stories on Instagram with shots from the video or sneak peeks while you film, your filming room, the equipment, and more. Also, include a swipe-up link that will take your Instagram followers directly to the YouTube video. This will take only minutes, but you’ll eventually gain new followers from other platforms.

Call to action

The good old call to action is another way to promote! By telling people to like, comment, and subscribe, you’re encouraging them to take action, and a part of them will really do.

Don’t underestimate the power of this feature because it can be extremely useful. People will often love the content of the video but will forget to like it or leave a comment. By mentioning that they can support your work with a like or a share, you remind them to take action.

YouTube Ads

At one point, you should consider paid promotion. YouTube ads will monetize your channel while also attracting a new audience. There are certain things you need to tick on the box before you can become a YouTube partner and be able to use paid promotion via ads.

Once you’re a partner, you can choose one of the many ad types such as video discovery ads, bumper ads, sponsored cards, and more. You can also advertise an old video or film a new one to promote. Both ways have benefits and drawbacks, so it’s primarily up to you to decide.

4. Optimize Your Content

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel 4

Optimizing your content is one of the best things you can do for your channel. The content you post should be search engine optimized if you want to target the right audience, increase your views and boost engagement.

Since YouTube is a search engine, you have to research valuable keywords. Next, you need to include those keywords in the title and description of the video. Numerous tools will help you find good keywords that are within your niche and are trending.

Next, include the keywords in your video. Make them a part of the content, but include them naturally. This will help the platform learn the purpose of the video. In other words, you need to do keyword research before you start filming.

Tags are also important. Use only tags that make sense and are relevant. Finally, include a category for every video. It will help users find it faster, and YouTube will be able to sort it properly.

5. Increase Your Watch Time

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel 5

Did you know that this is one of the most essential YouTube metrics? You can check it in your YouTube analytics section and see how long people stay to watch your content.

This platform’s algorithm is quite unpredictable, so it’s hard to know what will work and when it will work. The initial thought was that short videos work best. They still are helpful, but recently long videos started becoming more and more popular. The reason why is that longer content can boost this metric.

Now, let’s break this down. If you’re not sure what watch time is – the explanation is simple. It is the time that YouTube users spend watching your videos. The longer they spend on your channel, the more you’ll convince YouTube that you’re producing quality videos. This will help your engagement, the YouTube algorithm will rank your content higher, and you will perform better overall.

Making long content doesn’t mean that all your videos should be long from now on. On the contrary, you should value quality over quantity. If there’s a story that needs to be told in the span of half an hour, do it! But when you have a topic that only requires a five-minute video, that’s fine too. The video should be engaging, informational, and without filler content to retain the viewer’s attention.

6. Try Giveaways

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel 6

Giveaways and contests can help in growing your YouTube presence. People love getting stuff for free, no matter the platform. Make the rules simple so that everyone can follow them. The three things that most creators ask from their followers are likes, comments, and subscriptions.

A contest aims to stimulate people to subscribe to your channel, like, comment, and share your videos. The reward should be on-brand; you don’t want to give away just anything. The purpose of contests is to attract audiences related to your niche and subscribers here to stay. Giveaways tend to give instant results, but most people notice a loss of followers and subscribers once the contest is done.

Giveaways shouldn’t become a regular activity; instead, do them only once in a while. Another important thing to keep in mind is that every contest you organize should be according to the YouTube rules.


Videos are more popular than ever, so starting a YouTube channel in 2021 sounds like the perfect idea. If your goal is also to grow your YouTube channel, you better start working. Getting more subscribers and views will take some time, but you will take your business to a whole new level with the right moves.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when you want to build your audience is to optimize your content, promote your channel, increase your watch time, create playlists, use ads, connect it to your other social media platforms, research the right keywords, host contests and giveaways, and more.

How to grow your youtube channel fast?

Buying instant subscribers is never a good idea. That’s why you should ask for help from professionals that will grow your channel organically. The TubeKarma team will assign you an account manager, be available 24/7 for you and even help you monetize your content. Start our three-day free trial and see how your subscriber count will grow!

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