what is youtube red

What is YouTube Red? If it were just up to its name, YouTube Red sounds like something you’re not supposed to visit. Like it was the red version of YouTube or something. But YouTube Red is, believe it or not, for everyone and not just for adults. YouTube Red is quite a confusing name for a video sharing subscription service and that’s probably why YouTube renamed their premium service to simply YouTube Premium. Quite a smart move, if you ask us.

As long as you are willing to pay $11.99 per month, the whole upgraded, premium YouTube experience is yours to enjoy. So, what exactly is the YouTube Premium experience? What do you get to enjoy that ordinary YouTube can’t offer?

This short read aims to equip the reader with all there is to know about YouTube’s members-only, special, cool kids club that is YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red).

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$11.99 Gets You In

Visit youtube.com/premium and click the blue ‘TRY IT FREE’ button. This activates your free 30-day trial period that everybody who wants to sign up for YouTube Premium gets for free. After your 30-day free trial period, paying $11.99 monthly qualifies you to continue enjoying several features that you only dream of when in regular, ad-filled YouTube.

YouTube Premium’s Main Features

Subscribing to YouTube Premium will unlock several features that mainly make YouTube better for the user. Will your monthly $11.99 be money well spent? We will leave you to be the judge of that.

  • An Ad-free YouTube

If you are the type of YouTube subscriber that can’t stand ads, then this feature alone can make your paid membership all worth it! YouTube premium lets you watch millions and millions of videos on YouTube without any disturbance from ads that play before, during, or after every YouTube video you watch! And that’s not all about watching ad-free videos. All banner ads that usually sit at the bottom portion of a YouTube video will no longer be present if you are a YouTube Premium member.

Your ad-free video viewing privileges also extend to all devices and platforms that you can sign in to your Google account too. This includes computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs.

  • Download Videos to Watch Videos Offline

Downloading videos used to be a regular YouTube feature. Now, only with YouTube Premium, you can download videos onto your mobile devices such as your mobile phone and tablet for your convenient viewing whenever you don’t have access to an internet connection.

  • Background Play

All YouTube users have at some point wondered if you could play YouTube videos of their favorite songs while their screens are off or when using other apps on their phones or mobile devices. That wonder and curiosity have been met with disappointment after learning that background playing does not exist and is not possible when using YouTube.

Well, fret no more, as you can now background play to your heart’s content when you are a YouTube Premium subscriber. This background playing will also be available for you to use whenever you are using other YouTube apps like the YouTube Music Premium app or on the YouTube Kids mobile app. 

  • YouTube Music Premium

Upon enlisting yourself to YouTube Premium, you are automatically granted access to YouTube Music Premium which is YouTube’s music service subscription. Now, isn’t that a great deal?

Your YouTube Music Premium access gives you ad-free viewing of millions of songs and music videos. Now, the mood will never be ruined by invasive ads that suddenly play when you just want to relax and enjoy your favorite songs.

YouTube Music Premium acts as your personal music downloader. YouTube Music Premium allows you to download any song you want for later offline listening. 

Audio-only mode is a feature only present with YouTube Music premium. This feature lets you use your mobile device like an mp3 player; playing songs in the background that is very useful for hosting parties, playing music at a business establishment, or just having a relaxing time listening to songs.

  • YouTube Originals

With YouTube Premium, you now have unlimited access to YouTube Originals. YouTube Originals are content that are original creations made by YouTube themselves. These content are movies, original series, and events that are only fully accessed through a YouTube Premium subscription. 

YouTube Premium members are allowed ad-free viewing of all YouTube Originals content. You will also be able to view all available episodes of the YouTube Originals series upon their premier and all these are available for you to download onto a mobile device for offline viewing. 

Everyone is a sucker for extras, specials, and bonus content like directors cuts. YouTube spoils and pampers its YouTube Premium members with access to all exclusive extra content that you will not get to view anywhere else.

Is a YouTube Premium Subscription Worth It?

Sign up for YouTube Premium and all the annoying ads go away! That alone is worth more than your monthly $11.99!

Kidding aside, we think that the ad-free viewing and listening, original content, and convenience-focused features YouTube Premium offers are quite the bang for the buck. These features enable making a lot of everyday life better.

With YouTube Premium, you can now proudly play a playlist you have meticulously curated, at your next house party without awkwardly ruining the vibe whenever you skip the multiple ads that pop up unexpectedly.

YouTube is endeavoring to be the next Netflix through original content. Be the witness to all these and have front row seats to all YouTube Premiums original series, movies, and events. 

If you think that these YouTube Premium features will take your YouTube experience to new heights, then spending a measly $11.99 will be way worth it. Do yourself and your life a favor by trying out YouTube Premium today. 

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