The Best Free Kids Movies on YouTube 2022

In the past, people didn’t see YouTube as a place where they could watch movies. Instead, people only frequented the social media website to watch documentaries, sports highlights, music, and movie trailers. However, that changed over the years as YouTube launched a new service that offered series and movies to its subscribers. Currently, there are hundreds of family movies you can watch during movie nights. 

But it doesn’t end there; the video streaming platform has a variety of kid-friendly movies your kid to watch during the holidays. In addition, some of the cool kid-friendly movies are free, so you don’t have to worry about paying any exorbitant prices. Since you might not know which movie to watch for your first family movie night, we prepared a list of some of the best free kids movies on YouTube.

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Benefits of Watching Kids Movies for Children

Benefits of Watching Kids Movies for Children

Contrary to what many parents believe, not all movies are bad for children. Films for kids can help your child develop good social skills and also help them become critical thinkers in the future. Nowadays, kid movies are not only made for entertainment purposes but also feature teachings and lessons which apply to real-life situations. Below are reasons why you should let your kid watch kid movies:

Improves Their Vocabulary

Children can be very good listeners, especially when the narrative is told in a fun and engaging way. A talking frog, cat, or mouse can seem a bit silly if you are an adult, but it’s an excellent way to capture children’s attention, so they don’t get bored early. The fun and captivating scenes in kid movies make it easier for children to learn a lot since it makes use of their imagination. That is why many story books for children have drawings and special mythical characters to make the stories more interesting. 

Kid movies also tend to leave the audience hanging and full of questions. Curiosity is good for developing minds, as it makes them more interested in reading and learning about things they don’t understand well enough.    

Grows Your Child’s Emotionally

Kid movies can be comical and relaxing, but also full of emotions. Sad scenes from kid movies can leave your kid empathizing with some of the characters in the script, which helps them grow emotionally. As a result, they will cherish whatever they have when growing up, as they would have seen people in worse situations.  

Helps Your Kid Learn Foreign Languages

You are probably familiar with the kid show “Dora the Explorer.” The show is popular for a good reason. Shows like “Dora the Explorer” make learning foreign languages more fun and engaging than reading something written on paper. A monkey, cat, or dog speaking a foreign language is more likely to capture your child’s attention than a regular human. For example, in Dora the Explorer, the characters speak in a foreign language and later translate it to English but in a fun and engaging way compared to reading a book.

Boosts Children’s Cognitive Skills

Many kid movies and shows feature 2 sides; one good and the other evil. These sides try to outsmart each other until the good side wins eventually. The scenes are full of surprises and dilemmas that test your kid’s reasoning. Your child will try to guess what will happen next before the movie eventually comes to an end. As a result, your child’s cognitive skills become more developed, enabling them to think critically as they age. 

Negative Effects of Kids’ Movies on Children

Like other things, movies can also be disadvantageous if not utilized properly. Fortunately, kid movies hardly use foul language, extreme violence, or any other age-inappropriate scenes, making them safer for your child to watch. However, you still need to limit screen time and only let your children watch kid movies after they are done with school work and not past bedtime. 

Giving your child unlimited screen time can have the same effects as letting them play video games the whole day. They can become disobedient and neglect their studies to watch movies the entire day. 

Best Free Kids Movies on YouTube in 2022

Best Free Kids Movies on YouTube in 2022

YouTube has a gallery full of free movies that users can watch, just as long as they are connected to the internet. Here are a few examples of top free kids movies on YouTube to watch with your kids: 

The Little Mermaid

Ariel is an unruly teenage mermaid who’s adamant about experiencing what it’s like to live on land. So she visits the surface against her father’s (King Triton) wishes and falls in love with a human prince. Since she is determined to be with her new love, she strikes a deal with a dangerous sea witch called Ursula to become human for three days. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and now her father must make tough decisions to rescue her.


This story is about a girl named Coraline who discovers a hidden secret door while exploring her new home. Behind that door lies an alternate world that closely resembles the one she’s already in, but better. She gets excited and celebrates her new discovery, only to find out things are not as rosy as she expected. Her other mother and the rest of her family try to hold her to prevent her from returning to her old world. She now has to do her best to break away, so she can get back to her own family and move on with her life.  

Ugly Dolls

Ugly Dolls is a story that revolves around a cute town named Uglyville, where being strangeness or weirdness is openly celebrated and embraced, as it is considered a form of inner beauty. Moxy and her friends set off on a journey to the other side of the mountain, where they discover a town called Perfection. This is a town where conventional dolls have to be trained before entering the real world, so they can find the love of a child. The Ugly Dolls, therefore, learn the true meaning of being different, which helps them realize they don’t need to be perfect to be outstanding. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack, a fairy tale school student, comes to the realization that he will not pass fairy tale school if he doesn’t attain better grades in heroism. The adventure begins when he decides to give away his computer in exchange for a few magic beans, which he later tosses out the window. The beans grow into tall plants very fast and unleash more problems. It’s now up to him and his friends to prove their heroism by battling an evil giant, so they can rescue a little girl named Destiny, whom the giant transformed into a harp.    

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a classic TV show for kids. It has been around for a very long and is very educative as it features educational content which helps your kid be more literate and understand math and science in a fun, engaging way. It also exposes kids to other cultures such as language, dance, and music and has teachable moments that promote good morals.


Zootopia is a story that happens in a magical city called Zootopia, where different animals can coexist, from large elephants to the smallest shrew. The main character in this kid’s movie is Judy Hopps, a rabbit who is the first of her kind to join the city’s police force. Determined to prove herself, she is very vigilant and a good crime buster. However, she has to work with another police officer Nick Wilde who is a wily fox who makes her work difficult. 


As you can see, there are numerous benefits to letting your kid watch kid’s movies and shows from time to time. Browse through YouTube’s free kid movies catalog or watch any of the ones we suggested in this article to make family movie night more fun for your child.

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