How To Get More Views On YouTube

The success of a great YouTube channel is measured mainly through one golden standard; how many YouTube views it has gotten. Video views directly dictate whether you get to earn off of your YouTube channel or not, so views are everything for the YouTube video content creator.

How to get more views on YouTube is probably what preoccupies the mind of a budding YouTuber like you. A few thousand views more for your videos would be really nice, right? Having that much more views would surely get the ball rolling towards being the famous YouTuber you have always dreamed to be.

Do not fret because this short read will inform you .on some simple, yet super effective tips that will boost your YouTube viewership to heights you have always wanted. Get a load of our tips on how to get more YouTube views that actually work and be on your way to gaining more out of your YouTube channel.

What Counts as a View on YouTube?

So, what counts as a view on YouTube? Does watching your video for a few seconds count as a view, or should viewers watch the whole video to be considered one whole view? Why should we know what exactly counts as a YouTube view?

A view counts on YouTube when:

  • The viewer-initiated intended play for 30 uninterrupted seconds
  • The view should be done by organic human viewing and not by a watch bot.

YouTube can easily detect view bots that jump from one video to the next, viewing each video for only 30 seconds at a time. Activities clocked in by bots are not counted as video views. The YouTube algorithm only counts organic views.

Why is it super important to a YouTuber to incur views, then? It is mainly for a YouTube channel’s monetization through ads. Google, YouTube’s parent company, judges your YouTube channel’s interaction stats if they are eligible to be a platform for ads. If Google sees that your video gets a few tens of thousands of views, then you are on your way to earning some sweet YouTube ad money.

If views are the key to earning off of YouTube, then is it not just right that you master the art of getting YouTube user views? Read on and learn how the biggest YouTubers do it.

How to Get More Views on YouTube:

As promised, here are our 12 tips on how to get views on youtube:

Create Quality Content

This is the foundation on which you should build your YouTube channel. Good content that people will be wholesomely entertained by and learn from. Content that gives value to its viewers will be your best asset, which will pay dividends to your YouTube channel up into the future.

Never mind that there are a lot of cheats and hacks that garner your views on YouTube. An honest-to-goodness ethos of creating videos will always shine through. At the end of the day, quality production, scriptwriting, and sincerity in your craft are what really make a YouTube career bigger.

Quality or good content can also come in the form of uniqueness. Videos that you make should be unique. Tackle topics in ways that only you can do. Your topic may be a common one, but make sure that you attack the topic in a way that nobody else can. Largely incorporate your personality in your videos.

Say, if your YouTube channel is a home gardening channel, put a spin, a value, or an approach that nobody else does. This way, you stand out from all the competition through your quality and uniqueness.  

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Having an optimized video title and video description is crucial to your YouTube video’s success. This directly dictates if your video appears when people search Google and YouTube in your niche community.

  •  Select YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) relevant keywords that accurately define your video to add to your video title.
  • Keep your video’s description to a compact 300-400 words.
  • Have the first 50-100 words contain a compact summary description of your whole video.
  • Mix in your SEO and target keyword ideas, ideally at the intro of your video description.
  • Put links to other relevant content to your channel at the end of each of your video descriptions.  

Encourage and Remind Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

YouTube is unique from all other social media channels in such a way that you can talk to your viewers on a more personal level. As a YouTube video creator, you may not be too comfortable about self-promotion by asking viewers to like and subscribe to your channel, but this simple favor that you ask viewers will work miracles for your channel.

On average, a lot of viewers who come across your videos are just looking to be entertained and are not actively seeking out channels to subscribe to. By reminding everyone to subscribe to your YouTube channel, you are making subscribers of passive viewers who would just be passing by, otherwise.   

Cater to Your Specialized Niche

You have probably heard this advice before, telling you to find your niche to narrow down your target viewership to a more specific genre and viewers.

To help us illustrate this point on choosing your specific niche, let us look at the George Benson Football Channel (GBFC). It is obviously a channel dedicated to football (soccer), but its success is owed to catering to the niche that is the Chelsea Football Club; one of the biggest soccer clubs in Europe and the world. GBFC follows and discusses everything about Chelsea FC’s matches, players, behind the scenes, and so on. By doing this, GBFC immediately knows that all Chelsea Fans are his potential viewers and subscribers. The channel will never be lost trying hard to think of the next video to upload.

 Sticking to a niche takes care of the content creator and its audience simultaneously.

Learn How to Use Metadata to Your Advantage

Take a good hard look at the most successful channels in your niche and take down notes. Do what they do with their most popular and most-viewed videos to get recommended after these videos are viewed.

YouTube’s algorithm seeks to keep viewers on YouTube for as long as possible, and the algorithm is set to recommend to viewers similar or related videos to the ones they have just seen. If your videos have titles or descriptions that contain keywords that are similar to what these videos have, then there is a good chance that your videos will be viewed next.

Just be conscious of not crossing the line of completely imitating the competition, for that will most likely put you in some unwanted hot water.

Have More Watchable Videos by Making Some Custom, Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

Think of these custom thumbnails as the eye-catching headlines of a newspaper. Your thumbnails should capture the interest of a viewer with just one glance.

Every potential viewer is attracted by the most visually appealing thumbnails. If a thumbnail contains compelling text and visuals, people will be drawn to click and view your videos.

  • Your video thumbnail should be concise with describing what your video contains.
  • Make visuals and text interesting and honest.
  • Use high-resolution pics and font.
  • Pro Tip: Take a separate picture that is specially purposed for a thumbnail and not just a screenshot from your video.
  • Make your thumbnail easy to read. Get the message across immediately. This goes a long way in making viewers decide to watch your videos right away.

Use Cards and End Screens to Chain Views

Cards are those clickable boxes that pop up when a video is being played. These tools compel the viewer to watch more of your content that is related to the video they have just viewed. Why not use these helpful tools in your quest to garner more views on YouTube?

End screens are additional calls to action that you edit at the end of your video. You usually want end screens to contain links to your other social media platforms, or just asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel. This way, you get another stage that reminds viewers to subscribe without being too pushy.

Use Playlists

It is very common for viewers to binge on the content they are currently fixated on. Why not take advantage of this tendency and let your viewers watch your videos one after the other? You can easily do this by creating YouTube playlists.

By creating playlists, you have a good chance of keeping viewers watching content on your channel for longer. After a viewer finishes one of your videos, a new one from your channel begins to play.

Interact and Build a Community with Your Viewers

Your subscribers and viewers are real people who would love to interact with you, the channel owner. Your subscribers are to some extent your fans, too, and replying to comments here and there goes a long way.

YouTube users who are given a positive user experience when visiting your channel tend to share your video content more. These shared YouTube videos of your will in turn get more visitors and viewers to your YouTube channel and will naturally get you more views.

Replying to comments should be natural to you as a YouTuber. Reply to as many comments as possible and nurture a community of supporters of your channel.

Have the occasional giveaway, so your regular subscribers will have more than one reason to come back. This also attracts new views and potential subscribers. 

Be polite even to users that have negative things to say. Taking in criticism is one great way you can improve yourself and your channel, after all. 

Do Some Collabs, Partnerships, and Guest Appearances

Two heads are better than one is a highly applicable adage on YouTube. Collaborating with other YouTube creators is an instant way to create some considerable buzz.

Contact other creators in your niche, so their subscribers can be yours and yours, theirs. Who wouldn’t be happy with a deal like that?

Having guests break the monotony of the flow of your usual content and makes things fresh for your viewers and you. Breathing some life into your usual content schedule will make things feel fresh and exciting. This will reflect in the video you make with other creators and will be an enjoyable video to watch.  

Promote Your YouTube Channel Across Your Other Social Media 

A content creator like you surely has their own Instagram and Facebook pages at the very least. If you haven’t already, promote and share your YouTube channel on these platforms and whatever other social media platforms you may have like Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etcetera. 

Do not, however, directly share your YouTube video on these platforms because algorithms of each social media platform are “allergic” to content from other platforms. Algorithms are built to keep users within their social media platform and will not be keen to promote links and content that will whisk users away towards other social media, like YouTube. 

What you can do, though, is create a trailer video of your YouTube videos that will not contain any links or data that will be seen by algorithms as something that it should not promote. Have all your YouTube information built-in into these trailers. These will be only for human eyes and will forego the judgment of other social media algorithms.  

Add Closed Captions to Your Videos

Transcribe your videos and add captions to unlock a whole demographic of viewers and subscribers. Studies show that 69% of people watch videos without sound. If your videos have captions, then you automatically open up the possibilities of views coming from this vast group of people who watch YouTube videos with the captions on.

This is Just the Beginning

Take these tips to heart and continue to become the best YouTuber you can be, and you will be as popular as your favorite YouTube stars. Good luck and have fun!

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