how much does youtube pay

We are all familiar with YouTube as a source of infinite amusement and videos that have taught us many new tips and tricks, but many people are unaware that you may earn a substantial income by posting on YouTube.

However, the route to the luxury life of influencers may not be as easy as you believe, and becoming an internet superstar may take some time, but it is achievable.

All YouTube stars had to start where you are now and work their way up.

So, to assist you in making the greatest decision of your life, we will look at how much does YouTube pay and how to raise this amount over time.

Is it possible to earn money on YouTube?

The short answer is YES, it is feasible to make money on YouTube. However, we must recognize that the quantity of money you receive might vary and is dependent on a variety of circumstances.

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the globe, with millions of views and content providers, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

This, however, implies that you will face stiff competition and will need to work extra hard to make it out there. This is why it is critical to grow your channel organically to get all of the benefits in the future.

How many views are required for YouTubers to be paid?

If you have ever wondered how much YouTubers get paid and how much they earn for 1 million views, keep reading to find out.

We need to conduct some simple arithmetic to figure out how many views you need to get paid:

  • YouTube pays between $0.10 to $0.30 for each view, therefore you will need an average of 1,000 views to get $5.
  • You must earn at least $100 to be eligible for payout.
  • As a result, to get paid, you must have at least 20,000 views.

Because the circumstances are different for each video, these are just estimates. However, before you even contemplate making it on this platform, there are a few things you need to accomplish.

To get paid, you must be a member of the YouTube Partners Program, which you may join if you have more than 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of public watch hours in the previous 12 months.

This is why it is critical to grow a healthy account with followers. While YouTube does not pay each follower, they are a crucial part of your success.

People that follow you for your content are generally the first to interact with and share your videos, increasing the likelihood of them reaching a larger audience.

What is the best way to generate money on YouTube?

You are probably asking how you may earn the specified revenue on YouTube while also improving your personal finances. There are several opportunities to build a profession and live well as a content creator there.

Ad revenue

Ads that appear throughout your video are the most popular and arguably the most recognizable way to generate money on YouTube.

Add revenues are classified into two types:

  • CPM stands for cost per thousand views. The number of views your video has and the number of individuals that viewed the ad determine your revenue. Depending on the duration of the advertisement, the viewer must see either half or 30 seconds of promotional material.
  • CPC – Cost-per-click advertisements are only valid if the viewer clicks on the ad while viewing your video.

Ad income is only available if you are a YouTube partner and have linked your Google Ad Sense account to the platform. It is a wonderful approach to start making money while also investing in the future growth of your channel.

So, even if your video has 1 million views and you possibly make $5,000 from it, this is not necessarily the case. But do not fear, there are lots more alternatives available.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the methods to monetize your videos. You may earn a modest commission from each sale made by your readers by working with specific businesses and putting a link to their website.

This can be a terrific strategy to earn passive money; however, remember to be honest with your subscribers and inform them that the video contains affiliate links.


When your YouTube channel becomes popular enough, you will be approached by companies eager to pay you to market their products. This is often true for large accounts with millions of followers, but smaller influencers can also benefit from cooperation.


Remember that YouTube is an excellent platform for promoting your agenda and business. Along with many other social networks, this may be a fantastic chance to market your goods, earn money, and reach a global audience.

Factors influencing your YouTube earnings potential

Making it on YouTube may be a full-time job, but there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you get there faster.

  • Choose a niche – You may be wondering what kind of videos you can produce, and the fact is that the options are limitless. Choose something that you are enthusiastic about since it will take up the majority of your time.
  • Be constant – If there is one thing we can learn from influencers, it is that consistency is important. You must constantly create high-quality videos on YouTube and devote time to learning how to edit and personalize them.
  • Socialize – Increasing the number of followers on any social network, including YouTube, is one of the most crucial responsibilities. Because your success is determined by the number of video views and interactions, you must invest in your following.

Thus, for the greatest results, use other social networks and grow your YouTube channel in every manner feasible.

Final Thoughts

While many people continue to underestimate the power of this incredible platform, you now understand that YouTube is more than just a source of entertainment. Using our approach, you may increase the number of followers and views on your account.

Income, endorsements, and changes will follow, and you will become one of those million-subscriber creators.

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