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Today, there are many innovations and platforms that aid in learning. However, one of the most popular is YouTube. Many students rely on YouTube to teach them various topics and content. This is because many different YouTube channels provide educational content. So how can you maximize using YouTube as an e-learning platform? This article answers that and explains the benefits of using Youtube for e-learning. So if you want to know how to use YouTube for education, read on!

Can You Learn with YouTube?

Yes, you can learn with YouTube. Most syllabuses involve practical work that will likely not happen in class. Some schools don’t have the equipment or facilities to facilitate the said practical work. In addition, there might be students who miss out on valuable work. This is where YouTube for online learning comes in. It is cheap, and students can hop on and watch others complete their practical work. You can also use several videos on the platform for a little variety. This helps students have a more visual understanding of what they learn, and it makes it easier to understand concepts and answer exam questions. 

Benefits of Using YouTube for E-Learning

how to use youtube for education
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Several benefits come with using YouTube for E-Learning. For starters, one of the pros of YouTube is that it is relatively easy to integrate it into the education system. During the Covid pandemic, for instance, YouTube E-learning channels ended up having a large increase in the number of YouTube subscribers as so many learners learned from home. The following are some of the main benefits of using YouTube for E-learning:

Education Cost Is Low

If you are on a low-budget but are looking to learn, YouTube comes in handy. YouTube has various free, high-quality videos that help add to and improve the knowledge we already have. By watching these videos on YouTube, you also help promote the channels and support the content creators. 

Rich Source of Learning Resources

Once implemented into the online course, YouTube videos help students get variety in the content they get. Teachers and instructors can also direct their students to get on YouTube and search for more similar content to add to the knowledge that they already have. Listening to YouTube videos not only helps to understand complex concepts but also helps to sharpen their punctuation and listening skills.    


YouTube videos are easily accessible from many devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Regardless of the screen size, whether large or small, you can still watch YouTube videos perfectly without sacrificing quality or misinterpreting the content. 

In addition, microlearning is another benefit. Short videos explain complex concepts in under ten minutes, while long videos go more in-depth and give detailed explanations. 

Approaches to Using YouTube for Effective E-Learning

how to use youtube for education

Learning must be effective, but how do you make YouTube learning effective? The learning process can be interactive, fun, and informative. If done well, it can make learning engaging and exciting. The following is how you can do that:

Create playlists

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YouTube allows you to create easily customizable playlists. Creating playlists for your learning subjects provides easy and convenient access to what you need. Asynchronous courses are ideal as you can learn more about a topic or expand your comprehension.

Encourage collaboration

best practices for using youtube for e-learning

Learners can watch relevant YouTube videos and then have a group discussion with their colleagues online. For example, Google Hangouts is an online chat platform where you can discuss your E-learning course. You can ask questions and provide and get feedback.

Create webinars learners can reference

youtube e-learning

YouTube also offers the option to learn even after a course has ended. Whether presentations or webinars, they can later serve as a reference to help to refresh the memory if there is content you would want to review. 

Have learners make their own YouTube videos

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Learners can also recreate videos to recap and learn about a pacific topic. This helps in boosting knowledge retention and builds upon creativity and skills. It is essential to offer guidelines so that they stay on track.      

Tips to Make the Most out of YouTube E-Learning

Here are some tips on the best practices for using YouTube for e-learning.

  1. Have a notebook handy because when you watch YouTube videos, remembering the information you watched in a particular video might be challenging. This is where the notebook comes into play.
  2. Find succinct videos. There are many videos on YouTube, but not all are useful. Just because the video is long does not mean it has everything. Look for short videos that go straight to the point.
  3. Get YouTube Video Looper App. You might need to rewind your video a couple of times to understand, and doing it alone can be a waste of time; thus, getting this app will be handy.   


Many students use YouTube in their classroom, and there are several benefits to using this online platform. First, they add versatility to the school, and it helps the students get a more visual perspective of concepts and practicals. We hope this article has shed some light on the topic and how you can implement YouTube videos in your coursework.

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