how to create a successful youtube channel

This informative read is for people who have always been wondering what it takes to start a YouTube channel from scratch. If you have no background in working in the media industry and have no clue about producing an entire YouTube channel, this article is especially for you.

To get it out of the way, producing is an entirely separate discipline, and we here will talk more about what you need in terms of managing and handling a YouTube channel. Let us focus more on the essential things you can do right now.

With that being said, after absorbing everything this short read has to teach, you should immediately start learning the basics of YouTube video production.

The Basics of Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

how to start a successful youtube channel

In 2023, we have more than enough examples to extract the right approach on how to create a successful YouTube channel from scratch. Here is a decisive list of successful YouTube channel ideas you should master:

Come Up with a YouTube Channel Name and Concept

Like with a lot of other things, your YouTube journey starts with coming up with a name and what that name means. Choose a name that represents what your channel is about. Make it a catchy and memorable name to obtain recall from viewers. Make it unique so you stand out from the competitor channels in your niche. 

Now, a name without a solid concept to back it up is a waste of a good name. Define what your channel is by identifying what it is you do. Keep it simple and narrow down your channel concept to the simplest way you can imagine.

Also, craft up a good profile picture that represents you. Hire a graphic artist to design you a user icon that viewers will get a kick out of.

Let us take the popular YouTube channel, Bald and Bankrupt. This YouTube channel has over 3.84 million subscribers and 250 videos. This channel has a very simple concept.

Bald travels to old Soviet states and sees people and places he has never been to or met before. All he has is his big, brave personality and a trusty GoPro camera, and that’s it! Bald and Bankrupt can give subscribers the most curious and oddly fascinating tours of the places Bald visits.

The simpler your concept is, the better you understand what content you must create. The better you understand your concept, the more streamlined your content becomes.

And with streamlined and consistent content, more viewers will appreciate and subscribe to your channel.

If you can state your YouTube channel’s concept idea in one sentence, you know you have it on lock. Avoid trying to include all your ideas all at once. You risk confusing yourself with all that brain clutter. 

Keep your concept simple and you will fast-track launching your YouTube channel upward and onward. How to start a successful YouTube channel needs a good beginning. Award yourself that with a simple name and concept.

Find Your Audience

The key to finding your audience on YouTube is knowing who YOU are. You Tube. That is why it’s already in the name! Your audience or your niche is all the people who are like you. The people who will be your subscribers and will view your videos will be the people who will find the same things you find interesting.

So, what should it mean when we say you have to find your audience or niche? Users on the YouTube platform will find you on their own via the search bar. As long as your content is optimized (something we will get to shortly,) then your niche will eventually find you.

To find your niche on YouTube means to look for your audience outside YouTube. Figure out where everyone else hangs out. Identify what other social media platforms and forums your audience frequents and drive them to your YouTube channel 

Leave a link for your niche to follow. Do this gracefully by interacting and investing time to communicate with your people. Make your interaction interesting and meaningful so that they are compelled to click through to your YouTube channel 

Gather your audience from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social platforms and you are bound to create a successful YouTube channel.

Monitor the Competition

It is very unlikely that you are the only video creator in your niche. Other creators within your chosen niche may be competition but they are an excellent source of ideas and inspiration especially if you are just starting.

Competition is also part of the community you belong to and monitoring what is relevant in your community is key. It pays to pay attention to what is trendy and relevant.

Piggyback on trends and get inspiration from the content your so-called competition does. Just remember to stay original and put a personal touch on your content.

You can also collaborate with your competition eventually. This easily makes your competition’s subscribers and views your own. This arrangement of collaborations helps you, your competition, and the community you all belong to.

Upload Your Video Content

One of the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners is to always be original with your content. You may ride off of trends, but stay true to your character as a content creator and your uniqueness will shine through.

You do not want to be lost in obscurity because you do what everyone does. The trick is to do what is trendy but in your style, your unique way.

Now, about uploading video content, that is a grand technical discussion of production methods that we will only lightly touch on in this article.

What we will advise you, though, is that you have to seriously teach yourself production basics and methods like knowing about the right equipment, knowing how to shoot with a video camera, knowing how to properly light and illuminate your videos, and how to edit them with video editing software.

You should also learn how to host, learn how to write scripts and come up with good concepts for upcoming videos you will put out.

Of course, if you have the budget, you can allocate all of these duties to professional producers, writers, and technical people. Just remember to be part of the production process every step of the way.

Optimize and Promote Your YouTube Videos

One of the best YouTube growth tools a budding channel can use is keyword optimization tools. These are 3rd party sites or apps that tell you the relevant keywords to use for your type of content.

Do not sleep on optimizing your video titles and video descriptions on YouTube, as your exposure to potential viewers relies heavily on this. Talk the talk of the YouTube algorithm as a channel owner and you will be rewarded with exposure to wider audiences and a subscriber base your efforts deserve.

Use the powerful tool that is the custom thumbnail. You only watch videos with the most compelling thumbnails.  Why would your viewers do otherwise?

Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel

create a successful youtube channel

Here is a list of equipment for starting a YouTube channel:

Camera – The soul of your craft, your window to the internet. The camera is probably the most essential tool in your arsenal. Start with the camera you already have or the one you can afford. You will go through many cameras throughout your YouTube journey anyway.

Tripod/Gimbal – Please use a tripod or gimbal for Pete’s sake. Nobody has the patience to watch a shaky video. This is a small thing but will spell how the rest of your career will go. Just please get a tripod. They are not that expensive anyway.

Lights – It is amazing how some lights can do to adding a great deal of production value to your videos. Watch YouTube videos about beginner light setups that do not require spending a fortune. You can always upgrade eventually.

External Microphone – You are serious about your YouTube journey and you will not rely on the built-in microphone on your camera. Invest in a decent-quality camera so you can convey your message to your viewers clearly and without a hitch.

A Powerful Computer – A basic PC simply cannot handle the workload of video production. Research on what you need. A powerful PC will not be cheap but will be worth gold down the line. 

Two Monitors – Working as your editor will be so much easier with two monitors.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Starting a YouTube channel is exciting, but it can be quite a challenge when you’re not sure what kind of content to produce. However, the beauty of the platform is that there’s room for almost every niche, interest, and passion. Here are some YouTube channel ideas geared towards beginners and key points to consider for each.


What It Is: A video blog, commonly known as a vlog, is an excellent way for you to showcase your daily life, travels, or any activities you’re passionate about.

Why It Works: Vlogs offer an intimate look into your life, allowing you to build a personal connection with your audience.

How-To Guides/Tutorials

What It Is: Creating how-to guides or tutorials can be extremely rewarding if you have expertise or skills in a particular area.

Why It Works: Practical, useful content tends to get shared and can offer long-term value as a reference source.

Review Channels

What It Is: You can review products, movies, books, or nearly anything else you’re passionate about.

Why It Works: Consumers frequently seek out reviews before making a purchase, so this type of content has a built-in audience.

Cooking/Food Channels

What It Is: If you’re a foodie or love to cook, you could share recipes, cooking tips, or even restaurant reviews.

Why It Works: Food is a universal interest, and cooking channels can attract a wide range of viewers interested in cuisine.

Fitness and Wellness

What It Is: Share workout routines, wellness tips, or discuss topics related to physical and mental health.

Why It Works: As people become increasingly health-conscious, there is a growing demand for authentic, trustworthy fitness advice.

Gaming Channels

What It Is: These channels focus on video game tutorials, walkthroughs, or even live streams of gameplay.

Why It Works: The gaming community is massive and always on the lookout for tips, tricks, and entertainment related to their favorite games.

Education Channels

What It Is: Educational channels can cover anything from academic subjects to soft skills to career advice.

Why It Works: Educational content has a broad appeal and can establish you as an expert in your field.

Beauty and Fashion

What It Is: Share makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, or tips on skin care.

Why It Works: The beauty and fashion industry is huge, and many people look to YouTube for the latest trends and advice.

Lifestyle Channels

What It Is: These channels often cover a mix of topics, such as home organization, parenting, or personal development.

Why It Works: Lifestyle channels appeal to viewers who enjoy varied content that can offer insights into improving their lives.


What It Is: If you have a knack for comedy, creating funny sketches or commentary can attract a wide audience.

Why It Works: Comedy is a universal language; everyone loves a good laugh.

Remember, the best channel idea for you is one that aligns with your interests and skills. Your genuine enthusiasm will come through in your videos, which is one of the best ways to attract and retain an audience. So pick a niche you’re passionate about, and start creating!

Hit the Ground Running

You don’t need to start slow. With the things you learn here and with consistency and tenacity, it will only be a matter of time before you hit the heights of YouTube success you have been dreaming of.

You will discover and develop your style as you go along. If you hit the ground running with the basics we imbue you with, You will be a household name in your niche sooner than later.

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