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The internet is a vast sea of content, and YouTube is just one of the leading platforms there. The hugely popular video-sharing site has a projected 868.4 million monthly users in 2023. And you can still increase this number by reaching audiences on other social media channels.

If you have a brand and would like to build a following, then this is the article for you. In this blog, we will teach you simple strategies on how to grow your YouTube channel. Every tip is easy to execute; even a beginner can do it. Not only that, most of these won’t even require you to spend a single cent. Are you excited now? Then dive in!

Key to Promoting Your YouTube Channel

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The world is right at your fingertips. All internet users around the globe can be your audience. You just have to know how to turn their attention to your brand. 

Below are some YouTube channel promotion strategies that you can start using today. Test them out and see which one works best for you.

Leave Comments on Other YouTubers’ Videos

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Commenting on popular YouTubers’ videos is one of the simplest ways to promote your channel for free. Tell people that if they like watching these types of videos, they can watch similar content on your channel and then include a link to your account or a specific video.

The best thing about YT comments is that links are clickable. With a single click, you can instantly redirect users to your videos and get potential subscribers just like that.

Share Your Videos on Other Platforms

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Not everyone uses all social media platforms equally. Some demographics prefer using Instagram, while others use Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. To cover all bases, you need to extend your YouTube video promotion to other social platforms.

Create accounts on all relevant social media channels. Then whenever you upload a video on YouTube, make sure to share it on all your other social accounts. This will inform users from other platforms that you have new content that they can watch on YouTube.

Share Your YouTube Videos Via Email

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A lot of old-timers and professionals don’t use social media at all. If they are your target audience, then reaching them through email is your best bet. Include an interesting title, a custom thumbnail, and an informative description to pique their interest and click your link. This form of YouTube advertising is a little old-fashioned but still stands the test of time.

Use Cross-Promoting

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Cross-promotion is essentially using other platforms to harness followers for your YouTube channel. For example, you can create a Facebook page to get the attention of FB users. Then you redirect them to follow your YouTube channel for more video content.

This proves quite effective as your FB followers are already interested in your work. It won’t be hard to convince them to follow your YouTube channel, as well. Subscribing to your YouTube channel would, in turn, provide them with additional content, which is a win-win for everyone.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel’s Algorithm

how to grow your youtube channel

As we all know, YouTube’s algorithm is in charge of choosing which videos get priority in users’ home feeds and recommended videos. The AI makes decisions based on factors such as your video views, times re-watched, watch hours, engagement, YouTube SEO, and so on.

If you want your content to be pushed to the forefront, follow these suggestions.

Use relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions – Create descriptive video titles using your target keyword. When writing video descriptions, include the most searched words and hashtags in your niche. These search engine optimization techniques will help the algorithm identify your video’s category and make it appear in searches that contain the keywords you used.

Upload videos regularly – Channels that have a huge collection of videos have more chances of getting clicked and watched. In addition to that, you’ll catch viewer retention when users have several high-quality videos to watch on your channel.

Engage your audience – In your videos, talk to your viewers. Ask their opinion regarding the topic, for example, and direct them to leave their answers in the comments section. This simple addition will strengthen the connection with your audience and also tell the algorithm that people are interested and are engaging with your content. The AI then sorts your content under relevant videos it recommends to users.

Make Use of the YouTube Community Feature

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One more effective YouTube social media strategy is using the platform’s community feature. Once you’ve amassed at least 500 subscribers, you will automatically have access to this feature.

The Community tab serves as a public board, similar to Facebook, where you can post photos, GIFs, and even polls to interact with your subscribers. Building a solid community of followers ensures you get consistent views. It also opens up the possibility of being recommended by your devoted followers to their friends hence gaining more followers.

Use Google Ads

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This one follows a more traditional marketing strategy, which is paying for advertisements. This form of promotion lets you access all active users of Google, a staggering 84.69% of the global search engine users. You can target specific demographics to reach your desired audience.

Promote individual videos in Google Ads and only pay for views and clicks. It will cost you some money, but the payback should be more than enough to cover the expenses.

Promote Your YouTube Channel on Your Blog

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If you already happen to have a blog with a sizable number of subscribers, then you can use this to your advantage. All you have to do is to mention and promote your videos to them without additional costs.

On your blog site, you can include links to your YouTube channel. You can even embed your videos on the page, where visitors can watch directly without leaving your blog. Views from this will also count towards your YouTube watch statistics, and you will still earn from the ads played there.

Sharing Is Key

Try out for yourself all the YouTube video promotion strategies we’ve discussed here. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain anyway. 

To see how effective these methods are, you can check your channel’s YouTube Analytics. Look at where your viewer traffic comes from. Once you’ve identified which platform generates clicks, focus your promotions there to further continue your brand’s growth. Just continue creating high-quality content and sharing them across all social media platforms. You will eventually receive the recognition your brand truly deserves.

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