how to increase youtube subscribers

The subscriber count of a YouTuber has always been the measuring stick of the success of their YouTube channel. The more YouTube subscribers a YouTube creator has, the more opportunities they have for YouTube monetization and channel growth, among others.

A career YouTuber is understandably preoccupied with increasing their number of subscribers. YouTubers employ several strategies to do so. They improve their production skills, ask viewers to subscribe, collaborate with other creators, and so on.

Why do YouTubers go to such lengths and jump through so many hoops to gain more subscribers?

Let us see; YouTube has 2.7 billion active users worldwide. And to obtain even an ounce of this will guarantee a creator not just a sustainable lifestyle but a lucrative and in some cases crazy amounts of riches.

So, how to increase YouTube subscribers is the name of the game here.

Of course, the money is one thing but video creators stay on for bigger reasons. Youtubers enter the industry with altruistic goals like further forwarding their love for their chosen causes, passions, or hobbies. Others want to educate and inform. Others desire to entertain the masses and bring more value and happiness to their subscribers’ lives.

Whatever a YouTuber’s reason for gaining a substantial following, more potential subscribers will always help their cause.

Do YouTube Subscribers Make a Difference?

how to get more youtube subscribers

Yes, they do, no question. More YouTube subscribers always mean better! Just look at the channels and YouTubers with the most subscribers.

Yes, the creator makes his channel, but it’s the subscribers that make a creator. Without gaining subscribers, you will get nowhere, which is just a fact in the YouTube creator industry. It is clear as day and night.

Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

how to get youtube subscribers

Your goals as a YouTube content creator should be lofty and your habits consistent. Otherwise, how will you ever hit the heights of your career on YouTube?

The secret to how to get more YouTube subscribers is adhering to good habits. These habits will solidify your YouTube character and, in return, will set you to achieve all your subscriber goals on YouTube.

Here is a comprehensive list of things you should do to gain more and more subscribers:

Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe

Asking your viewers to subscribe is the main way how to get YouTube subs for free! All it takes is a few seconds to politely ask your viewers to hit the subscribe button.

If you put a lot of effort into creating your content, it would be okay to ask people to subscribe to your channel. If viewers like your content and would like to see more of what you do, they will be more than happy to be your subscribers.

PRO TIP! Ask them to hit the bell notification icon while they are at it. It is also free to do and it assures that they get notified every time you put out a new video.

Get Rid of Poor Content on Your Channel

There is a chance that a lot of the earlier videos on your YouTube channel are not as well-made as you would want them to be. Delete these! Do not be caught with any poorly produced videos on your channel if you want to seriously boost YouTube subscribers.

As you know, impressions matter in this YouTube creator industry and you may well run the risk of losing subscribers if viewers see older content of poor quality. Take it to heart that your channel must only produce high-quality videos and nothing else.

You can always remake these poor-quality content videos. You surely know more than what you knew when you were starting, and remaking bad videos into improved versions is always a good idea.

Use Popular YouTube Keywords and Thumbnails

Aside from optimized video titles, always make use of popular keywords and attention-grabbing thumbnails. We are all curious beings, and we are always compelled to click on videos with compelling thumbnails with curious and relevant keywords.

Give your well-produced videos a good chance of getting views with an attractive thumbnail and relevant keywords. You have already gone through the trouble of producing your videos to the best of your ability. Go one step further and give your videos the thumbnail they deserve.

Make Use of YouTube SEO

Using YouTube search engine optimization techniques on your video titles and descriptions, you will be prioritized by the YouTube algorithm when YouTube users search content about your topic or niche.

Being first in line gets you more video views, and this is one way of how to get YouTube subscribers.

Make Your Channel More Thematic

People understand and appreciate colorful and creative themes. This is why your channel should be jazzed up to look and feel like one coherent theme. This adds great aesthetics and will communicate a feeling that your channel is put together well.

Have a consistent channel icon, thematic colors, opening billboards, and music in all of your videos. Also, read and learn more about effective channel branding.

Place Your YouTube Subscription Link in the Video Descriptions

Leave no chance and get free subscribers whenever you can. Always leave a link to your channel’s home page so that potential viewers can click subscribe. 

Create a Channel Trailer

Pad on your channel’s YouTube subscribers list with a channel trailer. Viewers who appreciate the effort and beauty of a trailer might just click on through to be your YouTube channel’s subscribers.

Other Tips on How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Subscribers

Consistency is key – If you set a schedule of posting 1 video per week, then stick to that schedule. This helps your subscribers build a habit of allotting time for viewing your videos as you release them.

Create evergreen content – Evergreen content that retains relevance will garner you the most views throughout your YouTube journey. The more views you have, the more chances people will subscribe to your channel.

Be your producer, writer, editor, and director – Learn the basics of video production. Be a student of production discipline as this will dramatically help the quality of your content. Learn how to write your video script and master an objective judgment of your content.

Even if you come to the point of hiring people to produce, direct, edit, and write your videos, you will need a firm understanding of how you would want your videos done.

Interact with the subscribers you already have – Do not make the mistake of only focusing on how to increase YouTube views and get new subscribers. Take care of the ones you already have. Nurture this community you created by interacting with them.

Reply to comments when you can and make use of other YouTube tools like the YouTube Community tab. Remember that whatever you put into your community to strengthen it will come back in the form of subscriber loyalty and views.

Follow trends – Trends are the most important things on social media platforms like YouTube. Trends are a great way to come up with new content ideas. Always piggyback on trends but always put a personal spin on them.

This way, you reap the benefits of getting views through the popularity of trends without the difficulty of racking your brains for a new type of content every week.

Collab – Collaborate with YouTubers who have as many or more subscribers as you. This is like immediately doubling your view count with just one video. Make your collaborator’s subscribers yours, too.

Content Is King

Content will always be king because, at the end of the day, good content always gets you more views and subscribers. Focus on producing valuable content that you put your best into. Do not put out videos just for the sake of putting out videos.

Remember to always express yourself in the most unique and personal way and not only will you enjoy your YouTube journey but you will also be rewarded with everything YouTube and the internet has to offer.

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