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If you have not noticed yet, all brands, big and small, have their own YouTube channels. Everyone from large corporations, known food brands, and celebrities, to small local establishments maintains a YouTube channel.

This has been the norm for quite some time because YouTube has become the most visited place on the internet worldwide. Everyone opens that red play button icon on their phone screen every day. Wouldn’t It be a shame if your target audience search for you on YouTube but do not find you?

It would be hard to imagine that a brand that is serious about its social media brand management lacks a YouTube Channel. If your brand has somehow overlooked the importance of YouTube, then we offer no judgment. Instead, we offer insight and know-how to claim the part of the internet that is rightfully yours.

YouTube is not the future. YouTube is here, and YouTube is now. YouTube is not an option but it is a must! If you need help in putting together a winning YouTube game plan, then we will imbue you with YouTube forbidden knowledge that will make the most out of your presence on YouTube.

This keen and empowering read will try to cover everything a brand has to know about YouTube advertising and more.  

Define Your Niche

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Defining your niche will be where everything starts. This is the first step to take in your journey of YouTube relevance. Your niche will be the plot of land that will grow your YouTube significance.

So, make sure that that niche is a nurturing plot of land that takes care of your brand. Also, be mindful that you must consider all your actions to be also nurturing to your niche. With that being said, it is time to answer the question of “Who and what is your niche?”

Your niche is the group of people who are just like you. These are the people who have the same values and characteristics your brand projects. This niche has the same tastes, likes, dislikes, and opinions. This niche is you, basically, but just other people.

Your niche is also easily definable as the group of people you want to impress and reach as a brand. This is an important focal point in your YouTube campaign because all your brand’s actions will be shaped by this target niche of yours.

Now that you have a clearer picture of who your niche is, you can now go ahead and define what your channel should be like. Based on what you think your niche will appreciate, you can now approach your content creation with a definite objective.

Ignoring to define your niche will have a variety of pitfalls. The most dangerous of them is being lost and having a YouTube channel that has no direction and objectives. If you upload videos that do not have a singular focus, then you will have difficulty coming up with relevant content.

Knowing your niche will point you in the right direction and becomes your guide in what content to create. Defining your niche will be the wellspring of ideas that will birth forth countless YouTube videos.

Customize Your YouTube Account for Your Brand

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If you have not yet made a YouTube channel, then customizing your YouTube channel’s unique look and feel should be the first order of business.

But if you already have a YouTube channel, assess whether your channel is customized enough to have that one look and feel that truly represents you.

Do you have a banner and profile pic that embodies your brand? Does your channel contain videos that coincide to deliver a single intentional message? Consider these questions and customize your channel to have a look unified with what your brand is.

YouTube itself has tools to improve your channel’s appearance. All these improvements will contribute to your channel’s ease of use. Here are some ways you can easily customize your channel:

The “Customize channel” button – This button will have all the tools to customize your YouTube channel.

  • You will have to first log in to your YouTube channel on a web browser.
  • Click your profile picture and click ‘Your Channel’ on the subsequent drop-down menu.
  • Click the ‘Customize channel’ button at the top-right corner of the screen. This brings you to your YouTube Studio page, where you can do all the proper customization options you can take advantage of.

Once at the customization page in your YouTube Studio, three main tabs will be available to you. These are the ‘Layout,’ ‘Branding,’ and ‘Basic info’ tabs.


Customization options in this tab are concerned with what a user immediately sees once they visit your channel. These include trailers for unsubscribed users, featured sections, and videos shown for returning subscribers. 

Pro Tip

Only upload videos relevant to your brand’s Social media advertising campaign. Personal videos, music, and videos of other creators should have no place in your brand’s YouTube channel. 


Customization options in this tab your channel’s profile picture, a banner image, and a video watermark. Whatever you choose to upload as your picture, banner, or watermark, make sure that they should be consistent images of your brand.

Pro Tip

Upload concise imagery. Avoid cluttered pictures. Cluttered means ignorable, and you would not want that. 

Basic info

This tab contains everything you want your viewers and subscribers to know about your channel and your brand. Use information consistent with your campaign.

Pro Tip

  • Choose a name that includes your brand’s name.
  • Change your Channel URL to a shorter, recallable channel URL so viewers and subscribers.

Be Prepared to Make High-Quality Videos

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This means that you should invest in equipment and know-how. Having high-quality videos demand high-quality equipment and high-quality production.

How you make videos and what you use to make these videos will be the two things you need to master when you want to make high-quality videos.


Take time to learn about video production. Learn the basics about script writing, shooting, lighting, editing, and the many aspects of production. Research and enroll in a few online workshops that offer technical knowledge about video production if you plan to do this yourself.

If you have the budget, you can also opt to hire a production crew who can collaborate with you and will write, shoot, and edit your YouTube videos.


Better cameras, microphones, and lights shoot better videos. Invest in the best equipment you can afford.

Decide on Video Length

The not-too-short but also not-too-long territory of 12 – 18 minutes of total playtime usually works. Try to have a consistent video length for every video you upload. This will train your viewers to lot a certain amount of time they expect to watch your videos to the end.

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research in the world of YouTube is equivalent to going viral through the algorithm and what people search. Learn to optimize your YouTube video titles and thumbnails.

Always mix keywords with your video titles for the highest chances of being searched by users and prioritized by the YouTube algorithm.

Use Storytelling

People watch YouTube videos for the stories that content creators have to tell. This is the most compelling element your videos can have. Whatever kind of content you have, do not forget to have a story to tell.

Write scripts for every video. This makes your videos look put together well. Even having a basic script like having an intro, a few key points, a call to action, and an outro will make vast enhancements to an otherwise unintended video.

This also helps a lot in editing. A video editor that has a good grasp of a video’s story will put together a video that tells an enthralling video that your viewers and subscribers will surely appreciate.

Keep Track of Trends

Relevance on the internet relies heavily on being trendy. Each niche may follow its trends, but in general, the internet has trends that everyone subconsciously demands that you follow. Fall behind, and you may lose some relevance that you have been building up for so long.

Notice trends that go viral and try to assimilate them smoothly into your content. These trends may come in the form of a topic to cover, a style of editing, a thumbnail, video length, or anything that the bandwagon brings around.

Just remember to always apply your twist to these trends to make them your own. You may be following trends but you don’t want to be a copycat. Your originality and style are what your subscribers love about you anyway.

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To Conclude

Maintaining a YouTube channel rewards your brand with a very powerful and far-reaching marketing tool. Get the hang of making YouTube videos and get rewarded financially, as well.

If that’s not enough for you, remember that YouTube is free. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Maddie Schultz
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