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Your content must be engaging and entertaining to stand out on YouTube. In addition to that, you also need to know how to brand your YouTube channel. Branding on YouTube is not easy and can prove to be a challenging task. However, with consistency and continuous marketing, your brand stands a good chance of fame. 

If you are looking for a YouTube branding guide to help you improve your views and subscribers, you have come to the right place. Read on as we explain the ins and outs of personal branding on YouTube and the best YouTube branding practices that will keep you ahead of the competition and connect with a broader audience.     

The Reason Your YouTube Channel Branding Is Important

YouTube channel branding gives you exposure, and over 80% of businesses use video media as a marketing tool, and so should you. YouTube exposure has the potential to reach anyone from all over the globe. It also helps to build viewer loyalty, and you stand out from competing channels and videos. Below are YouTube branding tips and steps to follow to help your channel grow and succeed. 

Steps to Brand Your YouTube Channel Effectively

YouTube branding tips

When building your brand, it all narrows down to the small details that make up your YouTube branding examples. This includes the business name, brand logo, brand colors, social media handles, website, fonts used in your content, and music and audio used on your channel. That said, here are three key things that you should always include in your YouTube branding checklist:

  • Consistency
  • Keeping track of the competition
  • Improving your YouTube thumbnails

Stay Consistent

YouTube branding checklist

Consistency is critical in brand creation on YouTube, especially since it is not just about the videos you post. Even the images you use are vital: the banner, the profile image, and the end card. For example, suppose it is a company’s YouTube channel. In that case, your banner can include a logo or create a unique idea that shares a similar color palette used in other marketing material. Changing the banner at least every month or week is also good to help promote products or videos. 

For the profile picture, go for the company logo or the name of your business on an image. Although vloggers usually use a headshot, if you decide to go this route, it is wise to do the same for your other social media accounts and websites to aid consistency. 

End cards appear towards the end of the video, usually around 5 to 20 seconds. For example, if you watch YouTube videos, to the end, you might notice pop-ups that appear and ask if you have seen the other videos on the channel or ask you to visit a website or subscribe. The end card can be over-moving or a still image. However, if you had to choose, we recommend still images to reduce distractions. In addition, doing this will help to increase the conversion rate.    

Investigate Your Competitors

how to brand your YouTube channel

The people you are competing with also decide if your brand will get noticed. Therefore, in your YouTube branding strategy, you should run a competitive analysis to research your competitors and examine their marketing tactics, sales, and products. You must also implement better business strategies and ward off competitors to capture the market share.

Competitive analysis helps you understand how your competitor operates in terms of branding. For instance, what is their strategy? What are they doing to attract more customers, and how can you do better? Doing a competitive analysis helps ensure you always remain at the top of your industry by ensuring that whatever you offer meets and potentially exceeds the industry standard. 

The following are some of the highlighted brief benefits of conducting competitive analysis to help you get ahead:

  • It helps you see the uniqueness and value of your products, with what makes them stand out from competitors.
  • Competitive analysis helps you see what your competitors are doing right, which might help you stay relevant and outperform them.
  • You can also tell where your competitors are falling short and try to maximize that.
  • Look through their customer reviews, see what is missing in their competitors’ products, and then seek to find out how to capitalize on those needs.  

Pay Attention to YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube branding strategy

Finally, the thumbnail is one of the most critical images in a YouTube video. If your thumbnail is impressive, more people will click on it, increasing your watch time. Therefore, it’s crucial to place heavy emphasis on the thumbnail. If you want the best results possible, we recommend going with 1280 by 720 pixels and following up by putting details of the title and logo as an overlay over the background. The colors used must be the same as the ones from the branding color palette.  

You can apply the rule of thirds when creating compelling images. Also, remember to ensure that your text is readable.

It is also a good idea to avoid too complex designs, as this can be hard to read. How you use color and the composition you choose also plays a crucial role in attracting more eyes to your content, but too much can also overwhelm it. You should also remember that thumbnails look different depending on the device you are watching from; thus, the bigger, the better.

Remain up to date with current trends as different audiences have different tastes and thumbnail styles, and this means that you should keep an eye out for what works within your online community and stick to that. You should also be open to changing and updating your thumbnail style to appeal to all generations.  


Branding can go a long way in ensuring that your videos are getting seen and you have more subscribers on your channel. If your profile layout is elegant and you have focused on improving and adding a sense of style to your brand, it is no surprise that you will have more subscribers. It would also be helpful to seek out YouTube branding services to help you maintain regular content and learn other tips to stay afloat in your niche.

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