how many videos are on youtube

We all know that YouTube is a huge social media site, but the true extent of its popularity may astound you. Certain data and numbers indicate that this video streaming service has no plans to slow down.

When you consider how many videos are on YouTube, as well as the incredible amount of users and content providers, it would be foolish not to devote time and effort to promote your YouTube channel.

Today, we will learn all you need to know about the major statistics available on YouTube and how to utilize them to promote our business and content.

Brief History of YouTube

The platform was founded in 2005, almost from the ground up by a group of enthusiastic individuals. The first video, or the iconic “Me at the Zoo” marked the beginning of an epic social media network with billion users and recordings.

The simplicity of the interface, fantastic search engine, good marketing, and overall adaptation to current culture make this platform one of the most popular in the world.

YouTube is primarily utilized on mobile devices, thus it reflects the preferences of individuals who want to be entertained while on the go. With the advancement of technology, this platform has remained a faithful companion of children, adults, and seniors.

YouTube Stat You Need to Know

When it comes to videos, viewers, and creators, many significant figures and statistics have been compiled. According to some, this is one of the most popular platforms in the world, and you can utilize this knowledge to grow your YouTube channel and market your content as effectively as possible.


YouTube is the second most popular social media site behind Facebook, with over 2 billion members globally. These amazing figures demonstrate how much this location has grown in the previous decade.

In addition, every day, one billion hours of video are seen. That is the same as if every individual on the globe spent 8 minutes watching videos on the app.

The impressive numbers do not end there, as data show that over 62 percent of businesses have a YouTube account and use it to advertise their ideas and goods. This is not unexpected given that people between the ages of 18 – 49 years use this video streaming more than any other site.

If you are concerned about accessibility in your country, keep in mind that just one-third of the material is in English and that YouTube is available in over 100 countries and 80 languages.

Search Engine

While many people believe that Google is the only method to search the web, statistics reveal that YouTube is the second most used search engine. This demonstrates that we enjoy searching for any subject possible on the site, and it also shows that people watched videos to learn new things.

This means two things: the platform is an excellent location to advertise your ideas and business, as well as to increase the impact of your social network. 

On the other side, with so many creators and themes to choose from, you are bound to discover something that piques your interest.

90% of individuals say they discovered and purchased a new product after seeing it on YouTube. This demonstrates how powerful videos can be for companies and validates all the promotions we are used to seeing in videos created by our favorite content creators.

Furthermore, the demographics are outstanding, with statistics indicating that the majority of viewers are from the United States, India, and Japan. 

This might be useful information if you are attempting to market your material in certain nations, but bear in mind that the platform is utilized globally and that there will be an audience for every piece of content produced.


500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and if that is not amazing enough, there are over 38 million active YouTube channels. This is one of the most mind-boggling statistics, and it forces you to reconsider your assumptions.

With almost 187 million members, the most popular channel is the Indian music network T-Series, while the video with the most views is the children’s song Baby Shark, which has 9 billion views.

While it may take some time for a channel to gain popularity, it is doable. According to statistics, the number of users with over one million followers has grown by 40% in the previous year. 

Furthermore, the platform is now a legitimate means to earn money and build a brand. This implies that anyone with an idea and devotion may become the next great creative and increase their network visibility.

Keep in mind that over 70% of viewers watch videos on their mobile devices. While the platform is intended to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS, producers should stay up to speed on trends and adapt their content to be more mobile-friendly.

Among all the great things this platform has to offer, the most profitable one is without a doubt the “Recommended” area, which accounts for 70% of what consumers watch on YouTube.

This section of the website is generated and improved by an algorithm that based its recommendations on different criteria such as location, previously watched material, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Most of us are aware that social networks are becoming an indispensable part of our lives because we all use YouTube daily, but understanding the facts behind this incredible platform may make all the difference.

Given a large number of users and viewers, this might be one of the most effective ways to market your material, ideas, and business. This way, you will be able to use all of the features to your advantage and get YouTube subscribers on other social media platforms.

YouTube has come a long way since its inception in 2005, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. On the contrary, the platform has enormous expansion and growth potential, therefore any moment is a good opportunity to join billions of users.

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