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Is buying YouTube views ethical? If it involves paying for a service that violates YouTube’s user agreements and community guidelines, then yes, this buying of views is unethical.

Organic views on YouTube should be accumulated through YouTube users watching your video content. The problem, though, is that this process may take time, and sometimes it may not happen at all. This is when content creators consider employing underhanded tactics like buying views. Being a YouTuber is a lot of work, and buying views is the shortcut to the promise of YouTube fame and fortune. But at what cost?

Sure, buying views for YouTube will get your channel’s money-making machine working, but until when? You may evade YouTube’s policing and get away with YouTube’s community guidelines and rules for now. But you can be exposed down the line. Being exposed will most likely get you banned, and that would mean losing everything you have created and built for your channel. We’re sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Is it worth it to buy views? It seems it is not. The rewards may be great, but the risk you take is even greater.  

Reasons People Tend to Buy YouTube Views

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Motivations of people to learn how to buy views for YouTube vary.  Some are not willing to start from scratch and opt to begin a YouTube career with a comfortable bed of made-up views for a head start. Others want that extra push that additional views bring to hit the next YouTube milestone they have been chasing for some time now.

YouTubers are usually genuinely passionate about their niches and interests and are on social media platforms to be helpful to their chosen community. If money didn’t matter, surely most, if not all, Youtubers would still be doing what they do for free. But the world does not work like that, and we all have to support ourselves. YouTube content creators are sometimes tempted to do the unsavory because of YouTube channel earnings.

Sometimes, spending time, money, and resources on YouTube do not earn creators anything. Being a YouTube content creator is a full-time career, and most of these creators have too much on the line. They invest their lives in the chance of YouTube success in the form of influence and financial return.

It is not hard to see why content creators turn to the dark side and buy forbidden video views. This is Illegal and distasteful behavior, but we see how biting the bullet is on the table of options for them. We may understand this, but we do not condone taking the easy route. Building a YouTube channel the conventional way takes longer, but it is more rewarding in every way. It is also healthier for your conscience. Living guilt-free is an underrated reward all on its own.

Long-Term Consequences of Buying YouTube Views

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A lot of YouTube channels tend to get away with the illegal practice of buying YouTube views. But as Murphy perfectly puts it, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Those who buy views are bound to get caught sooner or later.

And you don’t need that extra stress as a YouTube content creator. Your work is hard enough, and a clean conscience will go a long way in this arduous journey you have chosen. Besides, we’re sure you wouldn’t want whatever you have built to be blown away in a single banning, don’t you?

You don’t even have to think long-term. The consequences of being caught buying YouTube views are swift and unforgiving. Being caught buying views more than once gets your YouTube channel instantly terminated without any prior warning.

The first time YouTube detects you for artificially blowing up views, your entire video is deleted. Do it one more time, and you will have a first-hand experience of being banned on YouTube.

Why Buying YouTube Views Isn’t a Good Idea for Your Channel?

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YouTube internally monitors your red flags and keeps the algorithm on high alert in case you serially violate their rules. The ban hammer is sure to fall on you once you try to go behind the rules of buying views. Your channel will be deleted as if it never existed. If that does not answer why buying views is a bad idea, then we don’t know what will.

Other Risks of Buying YouTube Views

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You outrightly risk the money you pay upfront to services that sell you fake views from fake accounts. You risk tarnishing your name and reputation once the word gets out that you fake views on your channel. You also risk the relationship you have built with your target organic audience, subscribers, sponsors, and the community to which you belong.

If you ask us, the above enumeration is the real losses you incur whenever you buy fake views. You may be able to pivot and create a new channel through a fresh Google account, but your name and face will always belong to someone who once tried to cheat the system and lost. Things between you and your community will never be the same.

Safe Alternatives to Buying YouTube Views

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If there were a thing like buying real YouTube views that would not get you red-flagged by the YouTube algorithm, then that would be growing your YouTube channel organically. “Buying” millions of views the right way means creating content that your viewers would want to watch. If you make genuinely interesting content that adds value to people’s lives, then that would be the best way to sell yourself to real people.

No Shortcuts

They say it’s not about the destination but the journey. What you do to become the content creator you want to be will be key to the success you will achieve on YouTube. Do everything right and genuinely love what you do while having fun doing it, and you will not even need to buy bot views and such. Use organic methods to get more views, and you can always get help from a reliable organic growth service like TubeKarma!

There is no substitute for the work you put in. Remember your real reasons and motivations, and you’ll make it sooner than you even expect.

Maddie Schultz
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