How To Report YouTube ADS

Advertising on YouTube is becoming increasingly important. According to Google, advertisers spent $5.8 billion on YouTube last year alone. And the number of views generated by advertisements on YouTube is growing rapidly, from 3.6 billion in 2017 to 4.1 billion in 2018.

But sometimes, questionable content and inappropriate YouTube ads can be a source of pain. How do you report these ads so they stop rendering each time you watch a video?

In this article, we’ll talk about report types, why, and how to report YouTube ads. 

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Why Should You Report Ads on YouTube?

Unwanted advertisements are annoying, especially if they interrupt your video playback. Often, they repeat the same messages in several videos. Sometimes, they have offensive sounds or phrases.

Other videos may contain ads that you do not want to watch: adult-rated content, misleading information, and more. 

If you repeatedly get unwanted YouTube ads corrupted by malicious code (malvertising), make sure you remove them as soon as possible.

The bottom line is when you see a commercial video on YouTube that is inappropriate, you can leave it and report it.

If enough people report an advertisement, YouTube will remove the video. 

The more advertising complaints they receive against a video, the greater the chance of being removed. 

YouTube recognizes that advertisers invest their money in a particular market to reach specific audience segments. But this is not an excuse to show inappropriate ads.

Additionally, advertisers have legal obligations to ensure that specific categories of ads are shown only in certain environments. This means that if you report inappropriate videos through YouTube’s reporting system, advertisers may also be liable for their actions.

When reporting YouTube ads, you can rest assured that Google takes your concerns seriously. The tech giant has initiated a number of measures to combat inappropriate advertising, including implementing a step-by-step process for users to report inappropriate ads.

How to Report Ads on YouTube?

According to YouTube, the average viewer spends almost 24 hours each month watching videos on their mobile devices. Furthermore, as consumers’ appetites for internet video increases, so has the amount of content available on YouTube.

Despite the fact that people begin ad-blocking software, which prevents them from seeing advertising videos and brands using YouTube Ads, Statista reported an estimated  28.84 billion U.S. dollars advertising revenue of YouTube from 2017-2021.

As well as this, many viewers will begin to unsubscribe from their favorite channels if they continue to see offensive content in the ads. 

In the next section, we’ll discuss how to report ads on YouTube in and next to the video.

Located in the Videos

Here’s how to report an ad on YouTube when the ad is in the video:

  • Start by locating the ad setting in the bottom left corner.
  • From left to right, you’ll notice the word “Ad,” a counter indicating how much time is left, and a circled “i” button. 
  • This is the “Why this ad?” button. 
  • You’d want to click the button to get details on why you’re seeing this particular ad. 
  • Then you’ll have two choices. The first is to go to your Google account’s ad settings or preferences by clicking the link “Ad Settings.”
  • The second option is to choose “Stop seeing this ad.” It will be gone if you click “Stop seeing this ad,” and you may tell Google why you don’t want to see it. 
  • There will be three alternatives available to you. “Inappropriate”, “Irrelevant”, and “Repetitive” are words that come to mind. 
  • When you’re satisfied, click the circle next to it and hit “Send.”

Located Next to the Videos

Follow these steps to perform YouTube ads reporting when the ad is next to the video:

  • As with the previous steps, locate and click the circled “i” button. You can find this in the ad’s right upper corner.
  • Once you click it, a box will then appear.
  • Here you have two choices. 
  • The first option is to go to your Google account’s ad settings and adjust the ad personalization by clicking the “Ad Settings” link. 
  • The second option is to close the box by clicking the “Close” button.


There you have it—how to report YouTube ads. 

However, It’s up to you to report YouTube Ads if they show inappropriate content. If you don’t like them, they can be removed.

For example, if you prefer not to see ads from certain advertisers or if you want to remove a particular brand. 

If you feel that the YouTube ads you see are more likely to be a potential source of unwanted and inappropriate content such as hate speech, then it’s important to report them. 
By reporting YouTube Ads regularly and thoroughly, you can help the company stop showing age-inappropriate ads. The digital space is growing, and we have to make sure it isn’t polluted by ads.

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