How to Make a Poll on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest, most popular global social media channels. Each time they release a new feature, it makes it easier for YouTubers to create a tight community and be even more involved with their audience. The platform’s latest release is the Community tab that lets you create different post types to engage your viewers. If you want to learn how to create a poll on YouTube and add images, GIFs, playlists, or videos to your posts, you must read this guide. 

What Is The YouTube Community Tab?

YouTube’s Community Tab is a handy feature that helps creators engage their audience and increase their subscriber count. This tab is actually made of several post types you can use to interact with your fans and become even more involved in your community. 

While video uploads are still the number one way of growing on YouTube and reaching your audience, this tab is an excellent feature that helps you interact with the viewers, attract new ones, and boost your engagement rate. 

How To Get A Community Tab On YouTube?

Getting this tab was slightly more difficult in the past, but since October 12, 2021, the platform has made it easier for creators to get this feature. You have to have more than 500 subscribers to use the tab and all its benefits, and it will become available to you one week after you reach this number. Before October 12, 2021, users had to have at least 1000 subscribers to use this feature.

In some cases, users report not being able to use the tab even when they have over 500 subscribers. If you noticed that this happened to you as well, you have to change your channel’s settings. After visiting YouTube Studio, you should enable custom channel layouts, and the tab will appear on your channel. 

Types Of Posts In The Community Tab

Once you reach 500 subscribers and get access to community posts, you have to know the type of content you can create with this feature. These posts will turn your basic YouTube channel into a fun, engaging social media feed that everyone will want to visit. 


Text posts are exactly what the name suggests, posts that include text that sends some kind of message to your subscribers and viewers. You can combine text with other forms of media, including pictures, GIFs, videos, etc. 


If you use a mobile device for YouTube, you can share video posts using this feature. It can be your social video, or you can also share another creator’s video. 


Playlist posts are an excellent tactic to promote your playlists, boost your views and start a conversation. All you have to do is paste the playlist URL in the box and the post is ready. You can add text, include playlist titles, add keywords, and mention other users or collaborators. 

Image & GIF

Another way to promote your content and get your channel subscribers and viewers talking is by adding images or GIFs to your posts. These visual file types are attractive, catchy, and efficient marketing assets. 

Before you create your first image and GIF posts, you should know the recommended guides from YouTube. The size of the photo has to be up to 16 MB, and the aspect ratio should be 1:1. The images should be JPG, WEBP, GIF, or PNG. 


Polls are interactive, fun, and can bring your channel engagement to a new level. Polls are also helpful because you can use them to ask subscribers for opinions on your online video, what type of content they want from you, what you should be doing differently, etc. 

How To Make A Community Post On YouTube?

After you get the feature on your channel and know all about the different post types, it’s time to create your first one. The process is so straightforward that it will only take minutes. Thanks to this tab, popular videos can become even larger; all you have to do is engage with your audience and show them you care. YouTube used the example of other social networks when creating this feature, so it will be very much like uploading a post on Facebook or Instagram. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Log into your YouTube account.
  2. In the top right part of the screen, you’ll see an Upload option; click on it.
  3. Go to Create Post.
  4. This is the part when you have to choose the type of post you want to create (text message, image, GIF, poll, video). Once you do, you can enter the text, upload the image, etc. Another great thing about this feature is tagging other users using the @ symbol.
  5. When you’re done with the content, click Post. 

Once you create your first community post, YouTube will become a much more exciting place to be. Although this feature is relatively new and creators are still learning how to use it, it’s a valuable marketing strategy for everyone looking to grow their channel and boost their click-through rates. 

YouTube users who are subscribed to your channel and have enabled the option to get notifications, they’ll receive community post notifications that you’ve posted something. 

How To Make A Poll On YouTube

Since polls are a popular type of community post, we wanted to share the process of creating one.

  1. Log into your YouTube Studio. 
  2. Find the Create button in the top right part of the screen and click on it. 
  3. It will take you to the Community feature, where you’ll see the box to create a post.
  4. Select the poll icon.
  5. Type in the poll question, then choose the poll options. You can add up to five options.
  6. Click Post when you’re done. 

Tips For Using Community Posts 

Keep Your Audience Updated

People love knowing more about the process of creating a relevant video, so why not show them what your steps are and how you do it? Behind-the-scenes shots always perform well and will get your audience excited for what’s to come. This can also be a preview of your future posts, products, or other releases. 

Share Collabs

If you worked together with a fellow YouTuber or social media creator on a new video, don’t miss the opportunity to promote it via the Community feature. Create a post sharing the video, and you can also add text to let your fans know more about the collab. 

Add Polls To Get Insight

As we already mentioned, polls are one of the most helpful features to pick your audience’s brain. The insight you can get via polls will help you create higher quality content, fulfill the wishes of your viewers, and right the wrongs you’re doing. 


Now that you know why the community feature is essential and how to create a community post, YouTube will become an even more interesting platform for you as a creator. Adding pictures, GIFs, videos, playlists, text, and polls to your posts is simple but can deliver a significant boost in views and overall engagement. Whenever you have something new to share with your followers, just access this tab and let them know what’s going on. Aside from sneak peeks and collaborations, these posts (especially polls) can give you an insight into what your audience loves, what kind of content you should focus on, and how you can take your content to a whole new level.

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